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Nir Yaniv

A lifelong multidisciplinary artist, Nir Yaniv is a musician, an author, a director and an illustrator.


As a musician, Nir plays various instruments, but focuses on the use of his voice to create the unique sound he desires. He has appeared in other bands, such as Funkapella, Vocaliens, and King&Nir. 


A published writer, Nir wrote numerous short stories and a novel in Hebrew before switching to English. He co-wrote two novels with BFSA award-winning author Lavie Tidhar, and his stories appeared in the US, the UK and several other counties. Nir has also written and directed three short live-action films, and even starred in a short, award-winning Israeli horror film, Eaten. 


His latest album, The Voice Remains, was released in 2020, accompanied by six animated music videos. He then proceeded to animate and direct the web series Mars Machines, the animated short film Loontown,  and the experimental A.I.-driven art film Welcome to Your A.I. Future.

Nir Yaniv
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